EXCITING NEWS! Our first Patient teleconference is Here for you!

Hello Everyone!

Byron White

I am excited to announce that our first patient teleconference on the BWFs and patient questions was a huge success. It was so great to meet with you, be able to share about the formulas and answer you questions!

We have finished editing it and it is here for you to download and listen to and share with others! It covers information on the formulas, their origin, best ways to take and dosage, why they work so well, care of the formulas, patient questions and answered and more!

Download: BWF Patient Teleconference

Your colleagues and friends can download it from here. remember, our next teleconference is April 24th at 5:30pm Pacific time, see our website to sign up… byronwhiteformulas.com

See you there,

All the best, Byron White


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