What makes Byron White Formulas so effective?

How Potent is my herbal extract or tincture? Is it strong enough to help me?       There are many companies producing herbal formulas, but not all are equal. Most companies are manufacturing formulas that fall far… Read More

RADIATION: How its impacting you and what you can do to decrease it

Hello Everyone, It’s spring cleaning once again and an excellent time to talk about clearing our body of radiation. The nuclear reactor leakage from Fukushima has brought the issue of radiation to our attention and with the advent of… Read More

GMOs and Your Health

  GMOs ARE A SERIOUS THREAT.  They cause degenerative disease, cancer, DNA damage and interfere with the body’s ability to heal and maintain balance.  We strongly recommend that you pay extra close attention to what you eat and include… Read More

Why Can’t I Get Better? by Dr. Horowitz

“The… herbal regimen that we have found to be effective is the Byron White protocol.  We have used [Byron White Formulas] in over one thousand patients who fail antibiotics, fail other herbal protocols, or continue to relapse when… Read More

Low potency combo homeopathics limited usefulness in treating Chronic illness

Hello Everyone, BWF Herbals vs Low potency combo homeopathics I wanted to address a question that comes up frequently, when working with the area of drainage and detoxification in chronic illness, from patients and Practitioners: I have used … Read More

DETOXIFICATION- why its critical to regaining your health

  Good Day Everyone, Toxicity from daily living is happening for all of us. Understanding how we can support our body in decreasing these toxins and detoxifying, is crucial for our health. Toxicity we are exposed to and… Read More

New Formulas coming soon! watch your e-mail for announcement

Hello Everyone, We have been working on several new formulas and 3 that have finished clinical testing and will be available to practitioners in a month: Watch your e-mails for our next teleconference notice on these 3 formulas!… Read More

EXCITING NEWS! Our first Patient teleconference is Here for you!

Hello Everyone! I am excited to announce that our first patient teleconference on the BWFs and patient questions was a huge success. It was so great to meet with you, be able to share about the formulas and… Read More

The difference between BWFS and copy cat formulas

Hello Everyone,   They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And I can understand that, except when it comes to people getting confused when they see another company using the similar names of our formulas…. Read More

BWF’s -Layering Process…Our formulas work on all layers… to restore health

Byron White Formula Layering process and why our formulas work so well The layering process was designed by naturopathic practitioner Byron White and used only in Byron White Formulas.                  … Read More