Integrative Approach to Chronic Infections

April 27th to April 29th, 2017

San Francisco, California

Featuring: Kristine Gedroic, MD, Neil Nathan, MD, Ruth Kriz, APRN, Dave Ou, MD and other practitioners with backgrounds in an integrative approach to treating chronic illness.

3rd Annual Midcoast Lyme Disease Support
and Education Conference

April 29, 2017

Wiscasset, Maine

Kenote Speaker: Dr. Kenneth Liegner, MD

Special Guest Speakers: Lori Dennis Author of Lyme Madness, Brandi Dean of Dean Center for Tick Borne illness and Jordan Fisher Smith Author of Under Our Skin

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Attended Lyme Disease: An Integrative Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment

October 30th, 2016 – Boulder, Colorado

Presented By: Daniel Kinderlehrer, MD and Denise Clark, ND


Attended ILADS Conference

October 17th to October 21st, 2013

San Diego, California


Attended ILADS Conference

November 2nd to November 4th 2012

Boston, Massachusetts


Chronic Illness Conference

March 19-20th, 2011 Presentation by Byron White

Featuring: Byron White, Wayne Anderson ND, Richard Horowitz MD, Joseph Burrascano MD, Ann Corson MD and Steven Harris MD.




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