Practitioner Teleconference is Tomorrow May 30th! Still time to sign up!

Hello Everyone…

Hope this finds you all doing well… I wanted to remind you, that we have a Practitioner Teleconference tomorrow, May 30th… If you are using our formulas or about to, please sign up on our website… We will be covering all the changes taking place and giving you important information and you will have a chance to ask questions.

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Exciting News! A-Bab, A-Bart, A-l Complex, A-Fng, A-Tula exclusively available thru BWF’s.

Dear Practitioners,                                                       May 17, 2012

We have some exciting news!

Soon, all of our formulas will be available to practitioners (in the United States and Canada), directly through us.

We are now the sole distributor for all of our formulas in the United States and Canada. You will be able to get all our formulas in one location and order them online, beginning (July 1st) using our new online ordering system! This will save you time as well as the pricing for A-Bab, A-Bart, A-L, A-Fng and A-Tula will be reduced since we will be distributing them ourselves, helping to reduce the costs to you  and your patients!

Fulfillment Center

Beginning July 1st, complimentary insurance will be included with all orders. Due to higher volume we will be able to drop the costs of shipping for medium to large orders as well creating further savings.

BWF Representatives:

The Byron White Formula team are ready to support practitioners with information and education on the formulas. We offer an extensive practitioner education section as well as consultations with the creator of the formulas, Byron White.


We will continue to provide ongoing practitioner education on the formulas, so please watch your e-mail for our next complimentary conference. Our next teleconference for practitioners will cover the upcoming changes and answer any questions you may have, so please attend and learn about our new online cart and the changeover. Please submit any of your questions by e-mail at

New Practitioner Accounts:

If you have not ordered from us before, please contact us before July 1st, to set up an account, so that you can order the formulas when we begin providing them.

Best wishes,

Byron White

Byron White Formulas



Welcome to the new Byron White Formulas Blog!

Good Day Everyone,


Byron WhiteI am pleased to announce that our new blog is up and running. It will be place where we can let you know what is new and upcoming, with formulas as well as events, upcoming articles and radio show interviews and a place where we can address some of the questions we receive from you, so other can take advantage of the information as well.

There are several new formulas in the works that we will be talking about soon as well as information for practitioners and people using the formulas.

So, please stay tuned and let us know what you are interested in… if you have not signed up for our newsletter, please do, so we can send you announcements and keep you in the loop.

Wishing you the best in health,
Byron White and the team at Byron White Formulas