DETOXIFICATION- why its critical to regaining your health


Byron White

Good Day Everyone,

Toxicity from daily living is happening for all of us. Understanding how we can support our body in decreasing these toxins and detoxifying, is crucial for our health.

Toxicity we are exposed to and why Detoxification is now mandatory-

Toxicity is an ever present issue now, in each of our lives, as we are all aware of. Each child that is born is now entering life with hundreds of toxins and chemicals, radiation, already in their systems. The average person has to process pounds of pesticides and herbicides a year. There are chemicals added to our foods, GMO unlabeled food that have the ability to change our genetics and further poison us, vaccines, as well as toxins, drugs, metals, in our water and found in our air.

Our detoxification systems must process this higher level of toxins and unfortunately is not able to do so without our help. Peoples livers are degenerating at a quicker rate than every before as well as the rate of cancer increasing, and health in general declining. If you are dealing with a chronic illness, these toxins can cause further problems for you, by increasing inflammation, creating a better environment for pathogens, by decreasing our body’s ability to defend itself and decrease our cellular health from all the free radicals we are being exposed to in our lives.

We can decrease some toxins by eating organically and avoiding GMO foods, eliminating bad habits, like smoking and what we ingest, take our supplements and exercise, use non toxic detergents for our dishes and clothes, ect… but it will still not be enough to rid our body of all the toxins and radiation we have been exposed to daily, that continues to damage our system and interfere with us getting well.

Every health program should include detoxification 

I have used and developed detoxification processes in my practice, because they were needed as early on as 30 years ago and toxicity is much much worse now. If you are dealing with lyme disease or other chronic illness, in my experience you need to be on a detoxification program and if using our formulas such as A-L, A-Bart, A-Bab, A-FNG, A-Myco, A-V, A-Cpn,ect… it very important that you be supporting your system with our detoxification formulas which were designed to work effectively at all layers and with our other formulas.

Practitioners are discovering problems such as inflammation, detox pathway breakdown, Gall bladder and liver issues, diabetes, hormonal problems, nervous system problems, infections, colon problems, ect… all things that toxicity contributes to or most likely is causing. You must be eliminating toxins and I recommend only our herbal formulas be used when utilizing our other formulas.

What I recommend when working with our formulas

We have several detox formulas specifically created to work with our formulas.

They are Envi-rad, Detox 2, Detox 1, BT-Detox, NT-Detox. We offer practitioner teleconferences on their usage and if your practitioner is not familiar with them, please have them contact us and we can help them with more information.

I always recommend that the practitioners using our formulas begin with detoxification or at the least at the same time as using our other formulas. The benefits to you the patient are: decreased symptoms, lowering the toxic burden in your system, supporting your body in the healing process and recovery and regeneration, helping to cope better with drug toxicity if you are on prescription medications.

Heavy Metal Detox: Using our detox formulas – Look for our next blog!

In our next blog we will detail the results of using our detox formulas and the effects on helping to remove metals and other toxins… by using our formulas, in this case there was an increase of 320% in metal and toxin removal by lab urine testing.

To your continued health, best wishes,

Byron White




New Formulas coming soon! watch your e-mail for announcement

Byron White

Hello Everyone,

We have been working on several new formulas and 3 that have finished clinical testing and will be available to practitioners in a month: Watch your e-mails for our next teleconference notice on these 3 formulas!

I also want to thank all of you for the wonderful positive support about our teleconferences and how they are helping you. We are living in challenging times as well as great times, with a greater opportunity to take charge of our own health and well-being. To that end, everyone at Byron White Formulas are dedicated, to continue to provide the highest grade, potent, effective formulas available today, along with cutting edge research developments to help in your health care.

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EXCITING NEWS! Our first Patient teleconference is Here for you!

Hello Everyone!

Byron White

I am excited to announce that our first patient teleconference on the BWFs and patient questions was a huge success. It was so great to meet with you, be able to share about the formulas and answer you questions!

We have finished editing it and it is here for you to download and listen to and share with others! It covers information on the formulas, their origin, best ways to take and dosage, why they work so well, care of the formulas, patient questions and answered and more!

Download: BWF Patient Teleconference

Your colleagues and friends can download it from here. remember, our next teleconference is April 24th at 5:30pm Pacific time, see our website to sign up…

See you there,

All the best, Byron White


The difference between BWFS and copy cat formulas

Hello Everyone,


Byron WhiteThey say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And I can understand that, except when it comes to people getting confused when they see another company using the similar names of our formulas.

Patients and practitioner have contacted us, confused about seeing names of our formulas or similar names being used by another  herbal company.

Please know that unless it has the BW logo(see photo) on the formula, that even though it may be the same name or a similar name it is not one of our formulas and will not work the same or have the same benefits or results.


BWF difference:

1. Our formulas are handmade, avoiding the potential toxicity and energetics depletion that can come from machine production. Most manufacturing companies use plastic or metal vats for production which can leak metals and toxins into the formula. We use only glass for extracting our formulas.

2. Our formulas are extracted in a 1:1 base (1 part herb to 1 part organic grape alcohol), 4-5 times stronger than other herbals manufactured in a 1:4 or 1:10 base.

3. Our formulas are extracted in organic grape alcohol, rather than grain alcohol, avoiding the toxins and gluten that can be in grain alcohol and reactions that can come from vegetable glycerin (see recent blog) based formulas.

4. Our formulas are extracted for 30 days, without use of heat, distillation or other methods that can harm the herbs and final formula. Other formulas are tinctured for as little as 24 hrs.

5. Our formulas have been researched and tested and successfully used in clinical setting for over 30 years.

6. Our formulas do not use infra red heat tunnels to seal the bottles. The tunnels irradiate the bottles with their energy and heat and in my opinion can damage the herbal contents and certainly change the energy of the herbs. We hand seal our formulas.

7. Our formulas use the BWF Layer Method assuring that the formulas will work at all the layers that the body functions and support restoration of health. No other formulas use this method, its energetics and it is proprietary.

8. All the herbs are used are certified organic and wild crafted and our facility is FDA registered and GMP compliant.

9. We offer extensive training and education to practitioners, so people using the formulas are getting the best possible support from their practitioners.



BWF’s -Layering Process…Our formulas work on all layers… to restore health

Byron WhiteByron White Formula Layering process and why our formulas work so well

The layering process was designed by naturopathic practitioner Byron White and used only in Byron White Formulas.                                                                           

Hello Everyone!

Byron White Formulas were designed to work on all layers of the body: physically, emotionally and energetically. They are effective from the cellular to the more subtle layers and from acute to degenerative forms. They were developed and utilized for over 30 + years in my clinical practice for patients with chronic illness and Lyme disease.


What is meant by layering?

Layering supports patients on physical, emotional and spiritual levels, helping them unwind through issues and blockages to a greater level of restoration, health and well-being.

Most approaches to healing, including traditional herbalism, are more two-dimensional: for pain you take a pain killer, for a pathogen you take something to interfere with its functioning or to kill it.  This can work for simple or acute situations but is often not productive with chronic conditions.  Working two-dimensionally on chronic conditions can actually interfere with the healing and regenerative process by making the body “lock-up”, driving the illness deeper into the system, exacerbating the situation and adding complications that can become more serious with time.

With on-going illness the body begins to change and the internal environment becomes more and more imbalanced.  This snowballs until its affects can be felt in even the emotional and spiritual levels. As one layer becomes toxic, damaged, or out of balance it will affect subsequent layers over time.  Damage at deeper layers by things like vaccines, heavy metals, enviro-toxins, parasites, can have an affect on how the body functions and can weaken our ability to heal. Bacteria and other pathogens can begin to work within us at various levels, from our blood down to our bone marrow, digging in deeper and causing degeneration over time. At this point just removing the toxin or pathogen is not enough to provide balance and thorough and permanent healing. We must also correct the damage done and bring each layer back into balance.


The energetics of the body are also affected. In terms of Chinese medicine the meridians become unbalanced and illness develops over time. There are also other complex energetics inside and outside of the body that are affected as well. (Our website has a Yin, Yang, Qi survey to help you determine what is out of balance.)

The changes that occur energetically, emotionally and physically create a complex matrix of imbalance and dis-ease within the system. The body makes changes in the way it functions in an attempt to right itself but becomes overwhelmed by multiple layers of damage. These changes occur on ever deepening physical and energetic levels where most forms of care cannot reach.


What can be done when conventional care is not working?:

I learned early on that treating symptoms or even dis-ease was not the best way to go, especially in chronic illness.  I researched and developed ways of working with the body, mind, and spirit to create an unwinding of the problems and provide regeneration of health on all levels. For this to work I found that it was very important not to interfere with, or attempt to control, the body, emotions or natural evolution of the person. This meant that a new way of working with herbs needed to be discovered and that suppressive approaches, such as the use of drugs, needed to be compensated for and the imbalances they create addressed.